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6-Week Self-Paced Online Course

The Better Apart Online MasterClass is a unique online experience dedicated to helping you get your life back on track through and beyond your divorce. With online videos, email prompts and mindfulness exercises, Gabrielle virtually guides you through the five essential elements of becoming Better Apart: patience, respect, clarity, peace, and forgiveness. This course is a boost to use in conjunction with Better Apart, the book.

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  • Show up as a better person for yourself, your children and those around you while you deal with this difficult process
  • Learn mindfulness techniques that will help you radically shift your perspective around divorce, so you become a calmer and happier person in your every day life
  • Turn your rage and frustration around and learn how to deal with your emotions is the healthiest way possible
  • Always be a picture of elegance throughout your divorce (no matter how messy the process is or how nasty your ex can get)

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Divorce Strategy Coaching

  • Strategize with Gabrielle and learn the fundamentals to C.L.O.S.E. your case
  • Consult with Gabrielle on how to handle strategic in your divorce matters in your divorce from when to hire a lawyer and whether mediation is for you, child support, custody, property distribution and emotional navigation of your case.

Three forty minute sessions $1000


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