The Secret Sauce to Grow Your Coaching Practice

Learn the secret sauce to create your profitable coaching practice in just ONE hour!

It can be very frustrating to know you are great a coaching and yet struggling to build your dream profitable divorce coaching practice. In this lively one hour masterclass you will be handed the secret sauce that will enable you to begin attracting clients and earning money right away! This course is perfect for coaches of any kind, but is especially tailored for divorce coaches who are looking to grow their practice, get more clients, amplify their presence and have a better work-flow.  With time tested approach and simple methods, this live one-hour program delivers all the hot tips that your practice needs to hit the ground running!

Gabrielle Hartley Esq., leading divorce attorney and mediator, author, coach, speaker, and creator of the Better Apart Method will give you all the ingredients you need to:

  • Attract your just-right clients
  • Amplify your presence
  • Discover your perfect niche
  • Create your dream profitable divorce coaching practice
  • Unlock the tricks of success on social media
  • Create your perfect pricing and so much more!


You won’t want to miss this LIVE online course!  

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