We’re pretty much all set.  Short-term marriage. No kids, little property.  We just need a little help to get a clear agreement. Includes up two one and a half hour meetings + light support between sessions + drafted MOU. Up to four weeks from session one.


Separation Agreement in MA and NY available at extra cost.




We need some help. Mid term marriage. Kids. A house, maybe two. A pension or two. Some debt.  Includes up to three two hour + light support between sessions + drafted MOU. Up to Six weeks from session one.



Separation Agreement in MA and NY available at an extra cost.



We need a little more. We’ve got stuff and kids and our situation is kind of complicated.  Includes up to five two hour sessions + light support between meetings + drafted MOU.  Up to eight weeks from session one.



Separation Agreement in MA and NY available at extra cost.


Better Apart Online Divorce Mediation service is built around creating long-lasting, agreements for couples who are looking to navigate through the divorce process with minimal toxicity. The BLITZ makes it easy.

Family Law Mediation is a practice near and dear to Gabrielle. With extensive experience both in and out of the courtroom, she knows that sometimes litigation is necessary. But she also knows that most of the time, it is not. Divorce mediation, whether online or in-person is the perfect way for many people to reach resolution. When she clerked for Judge Jeffrey Sunshine in New York State Supreme Court she assisted to bring hundreds of trial-ready cases to resolution. Gabrielle known to keep 99% of her cases at the negotiation table and out of the courtroom.  Gabrielle is effective at closing even the most high-conflict divorce case with ease and grace. 

Her work is informed by personal experience. She has always appreciated her parents was raised by parents who were able to keep their divorce out of the courtroom

Only you know your family and what suits them best. No matter where you are located, or how fantastic your local judges may be, they will have limited time to hear your case. The courthouses are over-burdened and cannot possibly begin to address all of your family’s nuanced needs. Divorce mediation allows you to remain in control of your family and your future.

Gabrielle will work with you online to skillfully bring you both to a set of mutual agreements that will be the guidepost to move through and beyond your divorce mediation. From extensive in-court experience, Gabrielle knows how important it is to dig into the details of the agreement and to address the finer points so that your agreement stands the test of time. The mediation process is practical and oriented to getting you to the goal of reaching your resolution as quickly or slowly as meets your family’s needs. Your divorce mediation process will be infused with finding avenues for increased patience, respect, peace, clarity and forgiveness to move you forward. Your divorce is the opportunity to re-invent yourself and re-design your relationship.

Gabrielle mediates primarily on an online platform. You can engage in her divorce mediation services conveniently from wherever you are located (at work, on an airplane, even at home in your pajamas!)

Your divorce mediation sessions will address:

  • Child custody/parenting plans
  • Parenting plans
  • Health insurance 
  • Finances, assets and debts
  • Property distribution
  • Pension
  • Alimony
  • Child support


How long it will take to do the Mediation and how much it will cost?

People often ask how long it will take to do the mediation and how much it will cost.  The answer is that it really depends on you, your spouse, the complexity of the issues and how much everyone is able to compromise.  The beauty of the Better Apart approach to divorce mediation is that it focuses on finding the space between your needs and wants and the result is an agreement that leaves both parties feeling as satisfied and whole under your particular circumstances.

Do you provide Mediation in person or online?

Both! You can do Mediation with Gabrielle online, or if you are located in New York City or Western Massachusetts then in-person Mediation is available as well.

Does Better Apart Mediation replace legal advice?

We recommend that all couples engaging with Mediation services hire local attorneys for legal information as this service is mediation only and does not offer any legal advice. 

Do you provide legal services?

Gabrielle Hartley’s legal representation is limited to clients who have specifically retained her legal services in-person, through her law practice. View more information about Gabrielle’s Legal Services here.


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DISCLAIMER: The commentary, advice, and opinions from Gabrielle Hartley are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice or mental health services. You should contact an attorney and/or mental health professional in your state to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. 


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