Dating after divorce is never easy, but with social distancing it can seem more daunting than ever.

But I’ve got some great news! This week, on The Better Apart Blog, dating guru, Bela Gandhi, dating expert and founder of the premier Smart Dating Academy is going to tell us all about ways to navigate dating after divorce even now, in the era of coronavirus.

The scare of Corona has taken over the planet, again (as so many states and countries are surging again).  That being said, dating after divorce is wilder than ever, and dating apps are having peak activity right now. With 48% of Americans single, and quarantined, people have the time and desire to make new connections.   1.How do I know that I’m ready to date?   Dating after divorce can feel daunting.  But, if the thought of dating puts some excitement into you, you are READY!  And, if you’ve done the inner work of healing from your divorce.  As much as possible, you’ve realized that you’re “better apart” – and have put to rest the anger & grief around the end of your marriage. You’ve done the work to realize what kind of partner will make you happy, are ready to hit the ground running!

  1. Are people actually dating right now?

Yes!  They are facetime, skype, and zoom dating.  Dating on video is doing great – and most of the apps have quickly added video chats.  Thank goodness for technology.  Dating after divorce in this era is easier, cheaper, faster, and less intimidating than meeting a stranger.  You don’t have to worry about who pays, and the date only needs to be 30 minutes long!


  1. How do you do a video date?


  • Find a good-looking spot in your house that’s well lit. Always be lit from the front, or face your light source. Living room windows, or even put a desk lamp above your monitor.


  • Dress to Impress – Act as if you were going on a real date. I mean you can have your sweatpants on the bottom, or fuzzy slippers, but it should be all date from the waist up.  Do your hair, and look like you would if you were actually going to meet in person.  You’ll look good and feel so much better.


  • Don’t talk about the gloom and doom of Corona. Dating after divorce can be difficult, but putting your best foot forward when dating after divorce will serve you well.Have positive questions – have you learned something new about yourself, have you picked up a new skill, what are you watching, listening to? Stay positive and be energetic – energy and positivity radiate across a screen!


  1. What happens after Corona? Hopefully you’ve got a whole pipeline of people that you’ll have been FaceTiming with so that you have a bench of people waiting to go out with you. We have had people fall in love during the past four months over a screen, and when they meet, it’s the sweetest “love at first sight” you’ve ever seen.  As things open up, and as you feel comfortable, you can go to an ‘in-person’ date!  Only do what feels comfortable to you!


Dating after divorce can be wonderful, if you have the clarity to find a good partner, and a plan to find them!  It is a marathon, not a sprint, and don’t pressure yourself to find someone right away.  Have fun through the process, and seek help/counsel as you need it – help is out there!

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Bela Gandhi is a dating/relationship expert, founder of Smart Dating Academy and a weekly media correspondent. She is a relationship expert and has been featured on most national/local media outlets. After she graduated (with dual degrees in Finance and German from the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign), Gandhi worked in mergers and acquisitions for Arthur Andersen in Chicago for a year before joining her family’s chemical and manufacturing company (CCC) where she divided her time between Chicago and Europe. Gandhi had a feeling that her career would one day be taking a sharp turn in a different direction – because she discovered her love of matchmaking and providing dating advice.  She launched her Smart Dating Academy in 2009.

Smart Dating Academy has quickly become one of the nation’s top date coaching firms – and teaches busy, successful professionals to jump start their dating lives successfully.  Smart Dating Academy is described by its clients “like going to Harvard Business School, but for dating and relationships”.  SDA’s coaches become personal trainers for their clients’ love lives.  The SDA coaching program is results-oriented and fun – which helps you to clarify who is right for you, stop old dating patterns, and use technology the RIGHT way. You become positive and enthusiastic about dating / relationships again! Its clients receive personalized dating plans, and essential training in how to meet high caliber singles, personal style, conversation, and online success.​

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