Whether you are getting divorced in Massachusetts, getting divorced in New York City or getting divorced anywhere else in the world, it’s never easy.  You’re likely concerned about finances after divorce, child custody after divorce or your general sanity through the entire divorce process help is here. Gabrielle offers several divorce services to survive and thrive through and beyond divorce. Online divorce mediation service is the best way for most people to get their divorce done.

Better Apart Online Divorce Mediation

Looking for a less toxic, more conscious way to divorce? When you’re getting divorced, Better Apart Online Divorce Mediation will help you to separate in the best possible way, ensuring a mutually favorable agreement achieved in a respectful manner. Better Apart Mediation with Gabrielle Hartley is now available from the comfort of your own home.  Avoid an expensive divorce with Gabrielle’s divorce services.  

Mediate online with Gabrielle Hartley and finalize your divorce settlement with a divorce agreement ready to file in court.  Mediate from any other location and receive a fully prepared memorandum of understanding.  A costly divorce benefits nobody but the lawyers.  Resolve the toughest divorce conflicts and settle your divorce case with Gabrielle Hartley. If you are getting divorced in Massachusetts, or getting divorced in New York City, in person mediation may also be available.

Better Apart Legal Services (MA+NY)

Gabrielle has been practicing law for twenty-five years and is known for keeping 99% of her cases out of court and resolved at the settlement table. She is available in to help you if you are getting divorced in New York City or getting divorced in Massachusetts to work with you collaboratively or in conjunction with your mediator to meet your legal needs.  If you’re getting divorced in Massachusetts, be sure to have your mediated divorce agreement reviewed by Gabrielle before signing. Avoiding mistakes now will avoid a costly divorce later.  Remember, if you are getting divorced in Massachusetts or getting divorced in New York City, once you sign your agreement, many of the terms become final.  No matter where you live, please be sure to consult with local counsel before signing a separation agreement or any other legal document.   Saving money now can by not hiring an attorney, can cause you to have an expensive divorce after all. Be sure to think long term.

If your case needs litigation, contact Gabrielle to connect with a top-notch litigation specialist who understands what you need to get out of your divorce process.

Private Divorce Strategy Coaching  

Whether you’re getting divorced,  just thinking about divorce or you’re wishing your divorce would finally reach a conclusion,  strategic divorce coaching with Gabrielle can be a game-changer. She will help you strategize your divorce at every step.  Coaching is for you whether you’re figuring out how to select the best way to have an inexpensive divorce, wrapping up your complex and expensive divorce or anything in between.  Get the best long term outcome for yourself and for your family through and beyond divorce. For most people there is no need to have an expensive divorce.  No matter how complex your situation,  you can survive and thrive starting right now.  Whether you’re getting divorced in Massachusetts, getting divorced in New York City or anywhere else in the world, Gabrielle can help your navigate your divorce situation.  Even if your divorce is already feeling out of control, you can dial back your costly divorce. Gain the skills that you need to create the best financial and emotional outcome for you and your family. Online divorce mediation service, divorce strategy or pre-mediation coaching can be the perfect way to get you through and beyond your divorce.

On Demand Coaching Programs

Gabrielle offers affordable live and on-demand webinars to help you move forward through and beyond divorce.  Need a little week by week boost?  Gabrielle offers live webinars and self-paced on-line options that are affordable. This is a great companion for anyone going through online divorce mediation service. Sign up today for The Better Apart Masterclass.


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